About Us

C&M Borg is a private local company dealing in the importation of raw green coffees, roasting, blending and packaging.

The Borg family began trading raw coffees over 100 years ago in 1886.

Today C&M Borg directed by Charles Borg and Mary Borg, is an offspring of the same family and has been operating since 1990. The directors are the fourth generation carrying on the coffee business. They can look back on a long successful history but look forward to develop and innovate to ensure the long-term success  of the company.

The operations of the company are carried out in the coffee factory, situated in the Imriehel Industrial Estate. The factory and warehouse space were purposely built in 1990, to accommodate a roasting plant and coffee blending equipment. The roasting process is one of the core activities carried out in the factory. Raw green coffees are stocked, namely Arabica Coffees, Decaffeinated and Fair Trade Organic varieties.
The company’s retail outlet is located in Hamrun. Clients can select and choose different blends of coffee. Through their expertise our sales assistants help clients to select the right blend, that will eventually provide that ‘ideal cup’. We offer first class service with the goal of total customer satisfaction. 
Customer satisfaction is the major indicator of excellent quality of the company. C&M Borg takes regular measurements to deliver to the consumers the pleasure of that irrepressible coffee sensation.
C&M Borg excels in quality coffees: it is a coffee producing company that represents the fruit of years of experience and dedication.  
Costa Rica
Santos Brazil