Coffee Roasting

Roasting coffee an art as much as a science. The green coffee beans are gently roasted so that each coffee bean gives forth its peak flavour.
There are three types of roasting:

  • Light or blonde roasting gives coffee a mild flavour.
  • Medium roasting produces a somewhat stronger flavour. This is known as the ‘Continental Roast’.
  • Dark roasting results in very strong bitter flavoured coffee intended to be drunk black.

After the roasting process has been completed, the beans are randomly sampled to test quality conformity. The roasted beans are placed in labelled containers to eliminate any gases that are released from the roasted beans.

The coffee beans are blended, ground, packaged and ready to be consumed.

We at C&M BORG, provide a unique product. Daily roasts offer a coffee sensation like no other, because coffee for us is not simply a beverage, it is a daily ritual that coffee drinkers indulge in every day. We source the finest Arabica coffee… It tastes good, makes you feel good and you get through the day.

Costa Rica
Santos Brazil