Coffee Bean Varieties
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Costa Rica - From €12.00
COSTA RICA Coffee is a superb coffee with exquisite acidity and “clean” cup liquor
Guatemala - From €12.00
GUATEMALA Coffee is medium-to-full bodied liquor, perfectly balanced with good acidity and complex smoky, spicy and chocolate tones
Colombia - From €12.00
COLOMBIA Coffee tastes winy in texture with excellent aroma, producing a more balanced cup 11.50€
Santos Brazil - From €9.50
SANTOS BRAZIL Coffee is low to moderate acidity and neutral or bland in flavour
Decaffeinated - From €13.00
DECAFFEINATED Swiss Water Process is used to extract the caffeine from the bean, without altering much of the flavor of the coffee bean. Gentle and soft in taste.
Organic Fair Trade Honduras Coffee - From €15.00
ORGANIC FAIR TRADE PERU ORIGIN: Certified Organic coffee has a clean bright flavor. As perfect as Nature.
Mocha - From €12.00
MOCHA grows in Ethiopia and tastes wild, gamey, dry, delicate, possibly with some chocolate over-tones.
Robusta - From €8.75
ROBUSTA has a much higher level of caffeine and acidity. Strong and bitter in taste.
Kenya Coffee - From €12.00
Known for its consistently rich flavour along with a deep, wine-like acidity and pleasant aroma.
Costa Rica
Santos Brazil