Confectionery Products
Sugar Sachets - From €1.60
Sugar Portions. Clean and very practical
Castor Sugar - From €1.30
Castor Sugar is used both domestically and industrial. Ideal for the confectionary sector and is used for cakes, sweets and other delicates
Icing Sugar - From €1.30
Icing Sugar has a finer texture than Castor Sugar. This produce may be used by the housewife or the catering sector. Perfect for topping cakes and many other sweets.
Brown Sugar - From €1.60
Brown Sugar adds flavor to black coffee and may be used instead of white sugar.
Vanilla Sugar - From €5.50
Vanilla sugar is made of sugar and vanilla beans or sugar mixed with vanilla extract.
Brown Almonds - From €9.50
Raw Brown Almonds contain lots of healthy fats, fiber, protein, magnesium and vitamin E. Can be eaten raw or roasted.
Roasted Hazelnuts - From €14.00
These roasted hazelnuts are ready to eat without the shell. Full of nutritional value roasted hazelnuts are often found in desserts, pastries and mixed with other nuts.
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