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Coffee Packs
Catering Pack - From €9.00
A superb blend with great aroma and unmistakable flavor. Available in 1 kilo bags. Beans or Ground
Gift Pack Coffee - From €6.00
An exquisite packaging for our coffee. A made in Malta product and bears the Malta Craft Tag. This product attracts tourists and it is sometimes bought as a Maltese souvenir. Available in Jude bags of 250grms.
Maltese Coffee - From €2.00
A Traditional coffee blended with chicory cloves and aniseed. A unique taste. Slowly brewed and gently simmered offers a taste of the past, in harmony with the present.
Rico Coffee Bags - From €3.00
Fresh ground coffee sealed in filter paper bags. May be used directly in a cup, in filter machines and in coffee percolators. Makes full bodied coffee. Available in packs of 25 p’ containing approx. 7grams of ground coffee.
Turkish Coffee - From €2.90
Turkish Coffee. Specially brewed to offer a strong black coffee. A good description of this coffee is an Ancient Turkish proverb that says,” Coffee must be black as hell, strong as death, and sweet as love!!
Chicory - From €1.00
Chicory is a plant whose leaves and roots have culinary uses. The roots are roasted and ground to produce chicory powder. Chicory is a caffeine-free herb that is a popular coffee substitute as well as an ingredient in coffee.
Coffee Pods - From €0.25
We have just launched our latest product ... the Rico Coffee Pods, a fresh, convenient and environmentally-friendly product. Produced from selected 100% Arabica coffee beans and packed in a protective atmosphere to ensure freshness. You can purchase your Rico Coffee Pods individually or as a box of 18 pcs for €3.50 a box of 150pcs. for €29.00 Order your Rico Coffee Pods today - visit our outlet or order from our website for an easy to serve perfect espresso!
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